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Joint Agreements October 1 - December 31, 2008

During this disclosure period, Employment and Social Development has financially participated to grant and contribution agreements administered by the following federal departments/agencies:

There are no transactions for the selected period.

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Recipient Name Location Date Value
Aboriginal Labour Force Development Circle Shannonville, ON 2008-11-21 $1,492,686.00
Aim For Work Steinbach, MB 2008-11-19 $30,000.00
Brandon & Area Youth for Christ Brandon, MB 2008-11-07 $171,500.00
Brandon Friendship Centre Inc. Brandon, MB 2008-09-17 $413,726.00
Canadian Mental Health Association Swan Valley Branch Inc. Swan River, MB 2008-12-04 $551,500.00
Canadian Mental Health Association Westman Region Brandon, MB 2008-09-25 $396,440.00
Central Hastings Support Network Coordinated Transportation Madoc, ON 2008-12-31 $50,868.00
Central NB Self Help Group Doaktown, NB 2008-10-06 $56,855.00
Central Urban Metis Federation (1993) Inc. Saskatoon, SK 2008-09-30 $206,248.00
Chambreville de Montréal Montréal, QC 2008-10-27 $650,000.00
Evergreen Basic Needs Committee Inc. Gimli, MB 2008-09-30 $275,000.00
Every Women's Centre Sydney, NS 2008-12-01 $282,735.00
Gabriel Housing Corporation Regina, SK 2008-10-09 $479,000.00
Gate 3:16 Outreach Centre Oshawa, ON 2008-12-24 $40,000.00
Huron Friends of the Community Foodbank Clinton, ON 2008-12-24 $131,000.00
Karin Robertson Wolfville, NS 2008-10-27 $88,217.00
Keep Our Homes Safe Inc. Woodstock, NB 2008-11-28 $25,392.00
Kingston Co-operative Homes Inc. Kingston, ON 2008-10-30 $60,000.00
Kingston Home Base Non-Profit Housing Inc. Kingston, ON 2008-12-23 $245,276.00
Kinsgton Employment And Youth Services Inc. Kingston, ON 2008-10-24 $90,245.00
Les Habitations Oasis de Pointe St-Charles Inc. Montréal, QC 2008-10-21 $32,977.00
New Dawn Enterprises Ltd. Sydney, NS 2008-10-07 $375,000.00
Organisme de récupération anti-pauvreté de l'Érable Plessisville, QC 2008-11-14 $55,821.00
Pacifica Housing Advisory Association Victoria, BC 2008-10-01 $754,000.00
Payment made to individual Ottawa, ON 2008-10-03 $28,331.00
Regina & District Food Bank Regina, SK 2008-11-28 $48,000.00
Rehabilitation and Employment for Developing Independence (REDI) Enterprises Society Medicine Hat, AB 2008-10-01 $48,550.00
Safe n'Sound Owen Sound, ON 2008-12-24 $36,516.00
Simcoe St. United Church Back Door Mission Oshawa, ON 2008-12-15 $95,320.00
Sioux Lookout Meno-Ya-Win Health Centre (SLMHC) Sioux Lookout, ON 2008-12-23 $96,670.00
Skigin-Elnoog Housing Corporation Fredericton, NB 2008-12-23 $74,793.00
STC Urban First Nations Services Inc. Saskatoon, SK 2008-09-30 $100,000.00
Sussex Vale Transition house Sussex, NB 2008-10-03 $60,333.00
The Alex Community Health Centre Society Calgary, AB 2008-10-27 $86,050.00
The Elizabeth Fry Society Mainland NS Dartmouth, NS 2008-10-14 $182,796.00
The Governing Council of the Salvation Army in Canada Maple Ridge, BC 2008-10-15 $129,495.00
The Governing Council of the Salvation Army in Canada Burnaby, BC 2008-10-28 $1,175,000.00
The Governing Council of the Salvation Army in Canada & Salvation Army Community Resource Centre Miramichi, NB 2008-09-29 $52,678.00
The Halifax ARK Outreach Association Halifax, NS 2008-10-24 $226,774.00
The Refuge Youth Outreach Centre Oshawa, ON 2008-10-28 $40,000.00
The Salvation Army Community & Family Services Oshawa, ON 2008-10-14 $100,000.00
United Way of Sault St. Marie White R. to Elliott Lake, ON 2008-12-22 $29,982.00
Young Women's Christian Organization of Prince Albert Prince Albert, SK 2008-10-24 $410,209.00
Youth Opportunities Unlimited London, ON 2008-12-29 $95,350.00
YWCA Halifax Halifax, NS 2008-11-28 $50,000.00
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